The 3 Things to Remember When Building an Ecommerce Website

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Ecommerce websites — ones that look to sell products online, rather than simply giving information or hosting content — are a subset of web design that deserve special attention. As with all websites, there are many things you can do to boost an ecommerce site’s success, such as catering to mobile and even choosing the right colors. But if you’re looking at custom ecommerce solutions, then there are a few extra things you’ll want to keep in mind as you choose an ecommerce website design company and get your site set up. Here are three of the most important:

  1. Security Has to Be Your Top Priority

    When consumers decide whether or not to buy online, security is typically one of their top concerns — and confidence in this aspect of ecommerce is particularly low right now in the wake of several high-profile breaches at even major retailers like Target. That’s one reason that fully custom ecommerce solutions can be a better route than semi-customized websites on free platforms, which have a history of being very easily hacked. You should also talk to your web developers and designers about putting trust seals on your website to indicate to your customers that you’re proactively working to protect their sensitive data.

  2. Your Copy Needs to Be Well Done

    All websites, whether they’re selling products are not, are marketing tools. But ecommerce sites have an even more direct advertising function, and it’s vital that all the copy on the site is written to give customers the information they need, draw their interest to the products you’d most like to sell, and be persuasive enough to close the sale. That means whatever company you hire to set up your ecommerce site, it needs to have professional copywriters handling everything from your homepage text to individual product descriptions.

  3. You Need an Integrated Strategy

    You can’t just build an ecommerce site then leave it alone and expect to see sales. All the top ecommerce solutions include an integrated sales strategy including a high-quality ecommerce site, search engine optimization, and paid advertising. If you can get all these services through one company, you’ll likely save yourself some time and several headaches — and possibly even some cash.

What else should be prioritized when it comes to ecommerce? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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