The Most Effective Marketing Strategy Of The Era

Marketing on social media

What is considered the most successful marketing strategy today? Many companies would not say direct mail or video campaigns, but rather, the Internet-based SEO. The benefits of SEO, short for ‘search engine optimization’, include affordability, accessibility and high amounts of marketing flexibility in favor of the digital age. If you work in Arizona, consider looking into SEO Phoenix if you need to find an ideal business strategy to bolster your bottom line and garner more traffic.

Why Do People Turn To The Internet?

Advances in digital and Internet-based technology have completely transformed how both customers and businesses interact with one another. It’s estimated over 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine, with well over 27 million pieces of online content shared each day. SEO services go straight to the source with simple and informative articles that encourage, rather than dissuade, curious customers searching for their favorite products or content.

How Does SEO Compare?

Search engine optimization has quickly replaced conventional marketing methods as the go-to solution for reaching a wide audience. Almost 35% of marketers rate it as the most effective lead generation tactic, with three quarters of marketers emphasizing content creation throughout their SEO campaigns. Out of all the uses the Internet has to offer, using search engines or reviewing e-mails are still considered the most popular activities.

What Are The Benefits Of SEO?

As many as 80% of users will ignore paid ad campaigns in favor of organic results, which SEO is specifically tailored toward. Affordable SEO companies have increasingly geared their work to be mobile-friendly, as well, as half of all consumers are more likely to purchase from a mobile optimized site. Local mobile spending is expected to increase from $800 million to $18 billion in just a few years, with local search SEO specifically targeting customers in your business area. If you’re in Arizona, SEO Phoenix should be your first stop on your way to better connecting with your customers and achieving marketing success.

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