There Will Be Nearly Three Billion Social Media Users By 2018 What Businesses Should Know

Text analytics tools

With so much information created every second of every day, your business needs software that can maintain the same pace. Say you work in border control and need a more canny way of organizing the thousands of people that go in and out of the country. Maybe you’re a small business that wants to remain keen on what customers are interested in without going for a blatant marketing approach. No matter which industry you’re in, you can always stand to benefit from more knowledge. Sentiment analysis software is the key to taking this flood of data and turning it into gold.

Think Data Is Simple? Think Again

Data is all around us. It’s on our phones, our billboards, our computers. While it can be exciting knowing there’s a lot of information out there just waiting to be used, the sheer influx of new content on a constant basis can quickly overwhelm. According to studies provided by the IDC (also known as the International Data Corporation), the digital universe will reach 40 ZB by 2020. That’s nearly two MB of new information created for every person for every second of every single day.

Social Media Is Paving The Way For More

Did you know Twitter has over 300 million monthly active users around the world? Facebook boasts nearly two billion and produces some of the largest amounts of data of any company. By the time 2018 comes acround it’s thought there will be two and a half billion social media users. For a further perspective, that’s a third of the entire planet’s population. Sentiment analysis software is what we need to rely on in order to keep all this precious data from being lost in the shuffle.

Text Is Just Waiting To Be Discovered

Text is one of the simplest, yet most accessible elements of data vailable. The four steps in the text mining process are retrieving information, processing natural language, extracting information and eventually mining data. Text mining is known to help business in a wide variety of ways. They can provide more accurate insights across a range of different documents and sources, help businesses better determine threats before they happen and improve customer engagement by providing superior clues.

Security Can Be Improved In No Time At All

Security is no small issue. Every day businesses and institutions need to take extra steps to make sure their sensitive information is not compromised. Text analytics are proven to better support and strengthen border security in a number of ways. They can quickly identify dangerous elements near borders, they can screen for potential threats and they can, most of all, prepare for future issues before they happen.

Information Makes The World Go ‘Round

Not unlike how a butterfly net can capture delicate insects, so too can sentiment analysis software trap relevant information and prepare it for proper scrutiny. Social media data analysis is one of the best ways for a business to stay in tune with their customer’s needs and desires, particularly since it’s estimated the digital communication sphere is only going to get more popular from here. Text mining software can breach any gap regardless of industry and identity resolution can free up overworked employees to manage their time more efficiently.

Safety, accuracy and reliability. There’s no reason not to become comfortable with entity analytics this year.

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