Successful Small Business Marketing Strategies

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Small businesses usually have the hardest time reaching successful marketing results. They do not have as large of a budget as other businesses and can find it difficult to track their digital marketing conversions. Small to medium sized businesses should instead, focus on implementing unique business marketing strategies. Rather than attempting to keep up with larger competitors, it is important to create a digital marketing strategy that meets with their individual goals.

Hire a good SEO company

SEO is important in today?s technological times. The best way to compete with larger competitors is to have a strong SEO campaign. While a smaller company may not be able to compete in all areas with businesses that have more resources, they can find unique keywords and search terms to compete with. This method of internet marketing requires a knowledgeable and experienced SEO company. Additionally, more and more businesses are learning of the value of digital marketing and SEO. According to the 2017 to 2018 Global Digital Outlook Study, 43% of marketers worldwide are increasing their investment in digital marketing. Nearly 50% are currently spending half or more of their entire marketing budget on digital.

Focus on linking

Linking is not only important to SEO, but is also important in gaining trust and credit with consumers. When a consumer sees that you are obtaining your information from a trusted source, you also become a trusted source. Also, when customers see that a trusted source is linking back to you, they are more likely to trust you in the future. Approximately 73% of survey respondents said that cross channel interactions have a major impact on increasing conversions. This form of business marketing is important to small business growth and the increase of customers from local search results.

Connect with the community

One advantage that smaller businesses have over medium to larger sized ones is that they can better connect with the community. Communities enjoy supporting local, small businesses and this can be a great customer booster. Connect with the community by engaging with customers on social media, responding individually to customer complaints and questions, and attending networking events. Networking events can create important business relationships within the community. Networking events are often used to grow a smaller business.

Remain consistent

Consistency is key to success. Because larger businesses have more in terms of resources they often see results much quicker. Small businesses can see the same results, should they remain consistent. Do not expect a marketing strategy or local networking events to pay off immediately. It is important to give it time. Building a relationship can take many years and that is the goal. Connecting with the community and building strong networking relationships will pay off eventually, if the business remains consistent.

Remaining consistent also means budgeting for these growth opportunities. Business2Community (2015) states, overall, U.S. marketers will spend more than $103 billion on search, display, social media, and email marketing by 2018, growing 12% each year. Obtaining both networking events and digital marketing results takes both time and money. Not allocating enough of a marketing budget to these necessary strategies can reduce the success of the results.

Small business marketing looks much different than large business marketing. Small businesses have less money, less resources, and less time to show results. Because of this, it is important to choose marketing strategies that have good results. The best way to market a small business is with digital marketing campaigns, including SEO work, networking events, and connecting with the community.

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