Nine Out Of Ten Burglaries Would Avoid Homes With Security Systems It’s Time To Play It Safe

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With new advances come old struggles. Nowhere is this more clear than the issue of home security in the United States. Everyday thousands of people are the victim of a break-in, causing everything from property damage to lost valuables to even injuries. When you want to protect your family while still keeping peace-of-mind throughout your busy week, it’s time to apply for a commercial security system. These do the dual work of discouraging burglaries while providing the resources necessary to catch someone in the act.

It’s important to know your chances when it comes to a robbery. Many people are under the illusion that a break-in is very unlikely to happen to them. Unfortunately, statistics would argue otherwise. Over two and a half million home intrusions are reported every year across the country, ranging from minor damages to issues requiring local law enforcement to step in. The year 2013 alone saw over $16 billion lost in property crimes alone.

What are some useful tips to know before you invest in home security systems? Over 60% of all burglaries are committed through forcible entry. Contrary to popular belief, many burglaries are done through the front door or front window in order to discourage outside suspicion. As many as 34% burglaries have the offending party simply walking in through the front, meaning you need to be ever-vigilant if you want to keep you and your home safe.

Home security systems do more than just catch the burglar in the act. They can actually discourage the act altogether and save you a lot of trouble. An astonishing nine out of 10 burglars will avoid homes with security systems entirely. Those that encountered a camera in the middle of a robbery would also abandon their task and leave as quickly as possible. An additional study also saw over 80% of law enforcement members believing home security systems can deter more attempts than ever before.

What else can surveillance systems do for you? They can even help you with the insurance side of things. Some providers will offer discounts as high as 20% when a home security system is properly installed and maintained, meaning you can save money even as you save money. Over 12 million home automations systems have been installed since last year and this number is only expected to grow as awareness does. With millions of home intrusions happening on an annual basis, it’s up to you to be proactive.

A surveillance system installation can reduce your stress wherever you find yourself throughout the day. They discourage burglary attempts before they happen and, should a thief prove particularly tenacious, will catch the perpetrator and make it quicker to bring them to justice. You can even save a little money with your insurance provider by making their job easier. Consider installing home security systems this year and shrug some of the weight off your shoulders.

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