TV Remote Controls World Hide-and-Seek Champions

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It’s not an official title, but “World Hide and Seek Champions” should definitely belong to television remote controls since they’re better hiders than ninjas, and more capable of blending in with their surroundings than camouflaged navy seals. The remote controls for TV that like to hide also have a particularly bad habit of vanishing just as you need them most.

Instead of giving up and buying TV remote controls replacements, why not try one of these great ways to find missing things?


Let’s assume that you’ve torn the living room apart in your quest, checking underneath the sofa and between the love seat’s cushions. Now try putting everything back where it was and then some. Clean the living room, the dining room, or wherever else you think you might have lost the TV remote controls. You’ll be shocked with what you might find as you clean.


One of the most common ways to find something that’s lost is to retrace your steps, because it works. Think back about what you were just doing, and check there. It might seem unlikely that you left the remote in the bathroom or in the kitchen, but you never know. Maybe you absent-mindedly brought it in there and then set it down without even realizing it.

Get Help.

If nothing seems to work, try asking someone to help you find the lost TV remote controls. It’ll not only make the search profess faster, but also easier. Two heads are better than one, after all. Maybe they’ll think of a place to look that you’d never even consider. Better yet, maybe they were the last ones to use the TV remote controls and know where they are.

Instead of wasting money on a TV remote replacement the next time you lose your TV remote controls, use one of these awesome strategies. If you have any questions about how to beat TV remote controls at their favorite game, feel free to ask in the comments! Read more.

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