Why 2014 May Mark Significant Shifts in Online Marketing

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Unless you’ve had your head under a rock for the last few years, you know that corporate branding and financial success for your business these days is all about online marketing. Content marketing, social media, custom eCommerce solutions: all of these marketing tools are essential to tapping into the $1.5 trillion eMarketer estimates consumers will spend online this year.

While quality web design and web development, content creation, and all the other leading white-hat techniques of the last couple of years remain important, certain developments in the technology sphere look to re-calibrate the way online marketing is done in 2014 and far into the future.

Three Technologies Reshaping the World of Online Marketing

  1. MobileDevHQ’s ‘Organic Downloads’
  2. Just announced last week on MobileDevHQ’s blog, ‘Organic Downloads’ is an analytics service that aims to bring SEO optimization to mobile platforms. The new feature, developed by MobileDevHQ and HasOffers, another San Francisco-based developer, shows businesses what type of keywords and content drive customers to purchase and download their mobile apps.

  3. Facebook Paper
  4. Hoping to compete with Twitter, Facebook released ‘Paper,’ a mobile news delivery app, earlier this year. According to CNET, the average Paper user reads 80 stories a day on the app, marking a potential shift away from Twitter as web users’ number one source for news. At last glance, 59% of journalists worldwide use the little bluebird that could to research and disseminate news, with the majority of web users choosing to get their stories from the service. If Paper continues to pick up steam, where marketers place their ad money could change really quickly.

  5. Google Glass
  6. Nothing looks to change the face of online marketing quite like Google Glass. Originally dismissed by an overwhelming majority of consumers as too big of a risk to privacy, CNN reports that the white model of Google’s wearable augmented reality computer completely sold out last Tuesday, after news that the company would have a public sale of the device broke. With critics being left to eat crow, industry analysts are beginning to wonder if displaying ads on augmented reality screens as users surf the web on the go might not be the way of the future.

Have you seen any other developments in the world of tech this year that could spell an end to online marketing as we know it? Give us your two-cents in the comments below!

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